Establishing Paternity

With a commitment to excellence, our family law attorneys protect the rights of Texans and out-of-state residents who have family law-related matters in Texas that require legal help. We not only represent clients who are married and seeking divorce, but also unmarried parents needing help with paternity actions.

At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., we are aware of the emotional elements involved in legally complex paternity cases. With compassion and empathy, we help our clients understand their rights and responsibilities in pursuing and enforcing paternity actions.

A Focus On Parental Rights And The Best Interests Of Children

Mothers wishing to enforce child support obligations and receive assistance can file petitions to establish paternity. Conversely, alleged fathers can also request paternity suits to establish parentage for custody and visitation rights or deny fatherhood to prevent child support payments.

For men, acknowledging fatherhood when their child was born is not enough. The question of paternity must be addressed following the birth. Time is of the essence in protecting their access to their children. Within three years, a petition must be filed or the father could lose parental rights. Even with DNA testing, revisiting paternity presents challenges that may be impossible to overcome.

Resolving paternity cases requires both parents to focus on the best interests of their child. While no legal relationship exists between the two, they must be committed to a strong relationship with their son or daughter.

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