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In Texas, the parent who retains primary custody is called the managing conservator. The court generally favors joint managing conservators, with one parent having the primary residence. The other parent will be granted visitation (access) with the children. Every case is unique, however, and joint custody may not be right for your family.

At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., our Dallas visitation lawyers will review your case and discuss your custody and visitation options with you. We can help you write a parenting plan that meets the needs of the children and keeps both parents involved in their lives. In most cases, the children are better served by spending sufficient time with the noncustodial parent.

Spending Time With Your Children Is Important

We will help you work out a visitation schedule that is in the best interest of the child. The court considers factors such as the stability of the home, the ability of each parent to care for the child, the physical and emotional needs of the child, and the current relationship between the child and each parent. If there is any evidence of a parent being unfit, the judge will examine it as well.

We can also help you modify custody and visitation. As children grow and lives change, modifications to the parenting plan and visitation schedule are often necessary.

In addition, we can help you enforce visitation. If the custodial parent is not allowing visitation or the noncustodial parent is not following the visitation schedule, we can file contempt charges.

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