Dallas Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

Child support obligations remain a significant issue prior to and following the finalization of a divorce. While a court order exists, the agreement does not guarantee adherence. Whether the noncustodial parent is suffering financial setbacks or outright refusing to pay, the custodial parent has a right to pursue enforcement.

If you are facing challenges in paying or receiving mandated child support payments, the attorneys at The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., in Dallas can help. We will answer your questions with honesty and candor while educating you on what to expect from the judge in your jurisdiction.

Helping Custodial And Noncustodial Parents Involved In Child Support Disputes

Child support should never be tied into custody and visitation issues. Falling behind in support will not take away your parental rights. Enforcement must be done through the proper challenges. A custodial parent withholding time with your children because of late payments requires immediate legal action to enforce the child custody order.

Job loss or health problems that result in significant medical expenses can impact any budget. The courts understand the reality of financial circumstances changing in the lives of divorced parents. However, you need to take proactive steps to prevent enforcement and being held in contempt. We can help you seek a modification of support if you can demonstrate a significant change in circumstances.

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