Dallas Child Support Modification Lawyer

It is generally not good for children when child support payments become just another contested issue in a divorce or custody case. Money is always a sensitive subject, but child support is the right of the child, not the parents. The well-being of a child often depends on receiving adequate financial support.

At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., we understand how important child support is for the child. We try to keep everyone focused on the child's needs. However, we also understand that needs and circumstances can change over time. It may become necessary for one parent to request a modification of the child support agreement. Our Dallas child support modification attorneys can represent the parent requesting or contesting the modification.

Changing Child Support Payment Amounts

To modify a child support agreement in Texas, you must prove that there has been a significant change of circumstances. Some of the most common reasons people request child support modifications include:

  • A positive or negative change in a parent's finances
  • A parent losing or getting a job
  • A change in health of a parent or child
  • A change in the child's needs
  • The remarriage of a parent

We will help you gather the necessary financial records and other relevant evidence to argue your position. While the court carefully considers each parent's ability to make payments and support the child, the best interest of the child is also a consideration in child support modifications.

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