Collaborative Law

What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law includes a broad range of strategies designed to help divorcing couples avoid costly litigation in the courtroom. Often, divorcing couples have worked out many of the less contentious issues before they hire their own attorneys. Matters such as complex property division and parenting arrangements are often too difficult to resolve at their kitchen table, putting attorneys in control of the process.

Through alternative dispute resolution strategies such as mediation and arbitration or skillful negotiations between parties, an independent collaborative law specialist can often help the parties examine their positions and come to a reasonable resolution that satisfies the court.

One Of The Most Respected Collaborative Law Specialists In Texas

The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, is a strong proponent of the collaborative divorce process. Our firm is led by attorney Brian L. Webb, a Texas family law specialist who is a trained and certified divorce mediator. Under Mr. Webb's leadership, our staff works as a unified team to provide a unique combination of experience, knowledge and the highest levels of client service.

We are experienced, skilled negotiators and have extensive experience in all areas of alternative dispute resolution. Whenever possible, we seek to resolve disputes through mediation, arbitration or other collaborative strategies that leave the parties in control of resolving issues. In the unusual event your case must proceed to court, you will have a formidable team of experienced Texas family law trial attorneys fighting to protect your rights.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Keeps You In Control Of The Final Outcome

Texas family law judges expect the divorcing spouses to do everything possible to work out a fair settlement without going to trial. A negotiated settlement through a collaborative process leaves the spouses in control of the final outcome.

Avoid Costly And Emotional Litigation

The collaborative divorce process can often save a substantial amount of money in legal fees and court costs. A skilled specialist will have resources available to assist with questions of property classification, valuation and child welfare issues. During the collaborative process, it is advisable for both parties to seek legal counsel to advise them on how proposed resolutions will affect their future.

Brian L. Webb Can Serve As Mediator Or As Your Attorney In Mediation

As a trained and certified mediator, Mr. Webb is in the position of serving as independent mediator or representing either party as legal counsel. Because of his training, he is able to provide insight into the process and help you avoid the pitfalls that often lead to failed negotiations.

Board-Certified Family Law Specialist* · American College Of Family Trial Lawyers

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*As certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization