Mediation & Arbitration

Statewide Recognition As A Skilled Mediation And Arbitration Professional

Attorney Brian L. Webb is a trained and certified collaborative law specialist who is available to serve as independent mediator between the two divorcing parties or serve as legal counsel for parties involved in mediation or arbitration to resolve their differences.

Mr. Webb has been involved in more than 50 mediations and arbitrations, and has earned statewide recognition for his capacity to handle complex cases involving significant marital assets and emotional child custody and parenting issues. He is also trained in arbitration and offers services to serve as independent arbitrator between parties. While serving in the position of independent mediator or arbitrator, Mr. Webb cannot represent either party in the negotiations.

Why Texas Family Law Arbitration And Divorce Mediation?

In short, arbitration and mediation leave the individual parties in control of the final settlement. Most divorcing couples also find that the collaborative law process reduces legal fees significantly.

Texas family law judges place both parties in a divorce under pressure to seek a collaborative settlement that will avoid costly litigation. When parties hire an independent mediator, they are encouraged to hire their own attorney as legal counsel, but the parties remain in control of the final outcome. The mediator guides the negotiation sessions and informs the parties on issues that will affect the final outcome. A mediated settlement is not binding between the parties until the judge reviews the settlement and the parties accept the agreement in writing. When signed, a mediated settlement becomes a court judgment.

Arbitration is a different form of alternative dispute resolution. Parties agree to abide by the independent arbitrator's ruling on specific issues, as they work toward a negotiated settlement. Attorneys for both parties present their arguments in a series of arbitration hearings and the arbitrator rules on the matter. The decisions are not necessarily win/lose. Often, the arbitrator finds middle ground for a proposed settlement. When both parties agree to the final settlement, the agreement is presented to a judge for final approval. The arbitrated settlement then becomes a legal court judgment.

Experienced Texas Certified Divorce Mediator

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