Divorce For Oil And Gas Professionals

The effect of the oil industry on Texas history and wealth cannot be overstated. Today, it continues to provide opportunities to accumulate considerable assets for many people in Texas.

Individuals who have become wealthy in the oil and gas business must take care to protect their finances and property during a divorce. Their spouse's lawyer will work to obtain much of their wealth in spousal support or property division. To protect your estate and assets, speak with the attorneys at The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C. We have the experience and resources to preserve as many of your assets as possible. Founding attorney Brian L. Webb is nationally recognized as a family law trial lawyer. When necessary, we will take cases to trial to fight for our clients.

Keep More Of Your Assets

We represent modern oil tycoons who have made money as entrepreneurs, investors, owners of oil and gas enterprises, and in fracking, oil and gas speculation, exploration, extraction and processing. In addition, we represent people who work in oil field development and related industries.

We understand the unique needs of high net worth professionals. We represent numerous individuals in high-asset divorce cases and will work diligently to protect your interests in complex property division. Your assets may include:

  • Business holdings in the U.S. and offshore
  • Financial accounts
  • Stocks
  • Insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Real estate and personal property

Utilizing experts in oil and gas rights, forensic accounting and business valuation, we will identify and value your assets, dividing them into marital property and separate property. We will argue for your rights in the division of marital assets.

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