Alimony In Domestic Partnerships

At the end of a same-sex domestic partnership or other domestic partnership, the laws regulating alimony and spousal support are not as clear as they are in the context of traditional marriage dissolutions. If you are facing a domestic partnership dissolution, it is critical to hire an experienced attorney who can protect your interests.

At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., we take our clients' interests seriously and we work to protect them through the process of alimony and spousal support after dissolution of domestic partnerships. Representing clients in all types of relationships throughout the Dallas, Texas, area, our lawyers take a strategic approach to alimony and spousal support agreements. Through crafting domestic partnership agreements on the front end and negotiating or litigating spousal support and alimony in domestic partnerships, we protect our clients' financial interests in all types of situations.

Domestic Partnership Agreements

Under Texas law, same-sex marriage is not recognized at this point. This means that there is no same-sex divorce. As such, the rules that may apply in a divorce proceeding regarding alimony and spousal support do not apply in a domestic partnership. Lawyers from our firm help clients with domestic partnership agreement matters as they relate to alimony and spousal support after dissolution.

A domestic partnership agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement or other premarital agreement. The parties entering into the relationship form a contract regarding all of the issues that come up in a dissolution, including spousal support and alimony.

Our attorneys help clients negotiate and formulate domestic partnership agreements before cohabitating, and we help clients negotiate alimony and spousal support arrangements pursuant to these agreements at the point of dissolution.

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