Child Custody In Domestic Partnerships

Child custody, visitation and parenting plans can be complicated and contentious in any type of separation, and the problem is legally complex in the context of domestic partnerships. If you are in a custody battle resulting from a same-sex domestic partnership or other non-married relationship dissolutions, it is important to work with an attorney who can protect you and your child through the legal process.

At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, our lawyers handle custody, visitation rights and other family law matters for clients in all types of relationships. We take a personalized approach to obtaining each client's individual goals. Our lawyers will work with you personally to help you obtain the favorable outcome you need.

Child Custody And Visitation Rights ∙ Domestic Partnerships

Since Texas does not recognize same-sex marriage, the laws related to dissolution of domestic partnerships are not laid out as clearly as they are in the context of traditional marriage and divorce. However, many of the issues surrounding child custody are defined by the parental status of the parties involved.

Keep in mind that the laws regarding child custody and visitation may vary from state to state. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you may have options when it comes to child custody and visitation rights. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience handling all types of issues related to parenting plans. Through strategic negotiation and aggressive litigation, we help clients resolve all aspects of shared custody.

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