Property Rights In Domestic Partnerships

Property division in a traditional divorce is complicated and contentious enough. In the context of a dissolution of a domestic partnership, the challenges associated with property division can be exacerbated. The laws and procedures involved with distributing assets after a relationship has dissolved are more complicated than they are in a traditional divorce context. It is critical to work with an experienced team of attorneys who can protect your interests throughout the process.

At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., we represent clients in Dallas and throughout Texas in all types of divorce and family law matters, including property rights in domestic partnerships.

We can protect your property rights in all types of family law contexts, including:

  • Your rights during the relationship: Similar to a prenuptial agreement in a traditional divorce, couples can create their own agreements regarding their respective property rights in domestic partnerships. Our lawyers can help you protect your interests throughout your relationship and prepare for the potential future even of dissolution.
  • Your rights after dissolution: After a domestic partnership comes to an end, the attorneys from our firm can help you negotiate or litigate the division of your shared property. This issue can become more complex than it is in a traditional divorce context, but our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to provide you with exceptional representation throughout the process.

In addition to primary residences, vacation homes and other real properties, our lawyers will help protect your interest in other assets that include cars, jewelry and other personal property, as well as retirement, savings and investments.

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