A guardian is an adult chosen by a court to act or make decision on behalf of another person, typically a child or adult with special needs. Guardianships are appointed for various reasons, for example when a person becomes disabled or incapacitated with age or when two parents are unable to care for children. The types of decisions guardians are able to make range from simple choices such as food and clothing to important ones involving money and health care. As such, the court's decision carries extremely serious implications for wards and families.

Establishing A Guardian

Though establishing a guardian is a highly regulated process, it can still become complicated. At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys are skilled in advocating for clients' needs clearly and efficiently, no matter what their specific cases entail. Beyond helping them select a qualified and trustworthy guardian, we assist with:

  • Gathering relevant documentation
  • Crafting courteous letters of explanation to judges
  • Filing legal and financial forms with the court

We encourage people to include wills and powers of attorney along with bank statements and real estate property titles in their paperwork to generate the best possible outcome. If necessary, our firm represents clients before a judge in Dallas, Texas.

Giving Families Hope For The Future

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