Making Modifications To Divorce Terms

In Dallas, Texas, divorce courts aim to create orders that distribute assets, finances and custody of children in a fair and equitable fashion. One major pitfall of these decisions, however, is that they are made using current information. Changes to income and health are natural over the course of time. Therefore, people are able to petition the court and make modifications to post-divorce orders that are no longer satisfactory or appropriate.

What Justifies A Request To Modify?

Our skilled family law attorneys have successfully helped clients file appeals and submit requests for modifications to divorce orders for a wide range of justifiable reasons. These routinely include:

  • Unforeseen financial hardship
  • Substantial increase in income
  • Intent to relocate with a child
  • Changes to a parent's health
  • Changes to a child's health or academic needs
  • Criminal behavior such as drug, alcohol or child abuse

Additionally, modifications may be requested in the event of remarriage. Typically, though not always, settlement agreements between two spouses that have already been finalized are unable to be appealed.

Counsel Customized To Clients

Whether our clients need to make adjustments to alimony or find a more equitable solution for child custody, The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., is committed to helping them reach their unique goals. Our founder, Brian L. Webb, is one of only 100 members of the American College of Family Trial Lawyers and has been board-certified in family law for more than 30 years. As such, he is able to offer unparalleled, focused representation.

Advocating For Families In Texas

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