Real Estate Assets

Property division in a divorce can be complicated and contentious. At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., we protect your interests during the process of dividing valuable assets. Divorcing couples who own real estate require a more in-depth, detail-oriented approach to all aspects of their marital dissolution.

Focused On Our Clients' Best Interests In Investment And Asset Protection

Real estate holdings likely represent one of your biggest investments. Proper and accurate valuation is paramount when it comes to division of real estate holdings that include:

  • Primary residence
  • Vacation homes
  • Rental properties
  • Investment properties
  • Oil, gas and mineral interests

To protect those complex and valuable assets, you need a skilled and experienced family law attorney with access to a network of financial experts, including appraisers and forensic accountants. Dividing those valuable assets requires long-term forecasting on the effects of retaining or dividing valuable real estate investments.

Our goal is to stabilize and maximize your future financial security by balancing marital asset division with spousal support or contractual alimony. While we pursue agreements through mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, we will not hesitate to go to trial if that is in your best interests.

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