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The affect of divorce on kids more than what parents think

In this week’s blog post we wanted to ask our frequent readers a question they may not have considered before. The question stems from a recent survey conducted by a parenting website called Netmums, which asked parents and children what affect a divorce had on them. But even though both adults and children are going through the divorce together, the answers provided in the survey prove that they are not having the same experience and that many parents are unaware of how the divorce is really affecting their children.

What does it mean to be a family?

If you were asked about the first thought that came to mind when hearing the word “family,” what would you say? If you’re like many Americans then you probably answered: love, kids, mom and dad, and possibly even marriage. But with the family dynamic ever changing and society moving away from the a-typical idea of the nuclear family, you might realize that perhaps your first thoughts might not accurately describe the world around you.

Is alimony an outdated part of the divorce process?

An interesting case out of Connecticut has pitted four divorced men against state alimony laws that the men claim are unconstitutional. But while their argument is grounded in whether state laws are too vague and burdens their “right to end a marriage and to remarry,” their situation could actually raise different questions for our Texas readers such as whether the alimony process is still considered relevant in today’s society.