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Why is divorce becoming more popular among older couples?

For most of our Dallas County readers, there are two major life events that happen in just about everyone’s life: marriage and having children. When most couples divorce, they consider themselves young enough to take another chance at these life events. But for couples over the age of 50, this might be less true, especially considering the challenges they might face in the dating world and starting a family together.

Recognition of same-sex marriage could come to Texas

Although same-sex couples are allowed to get married in other states, because of a ban on same-sex marriage, this hasn’t been the case for couples who have wanted to get married here in Texas. It’s also because of this ban that same-sex marriage is not recognized by the state. But even though the U.S. Supreme Court overturned DOMA and made same-sex marriage federally recognized, couples here in Texas are still having problems when it comes to validating their marriage status.