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Terrence Howard seeks to throw out spousal support agreement

Texas fans of Terrance Howard, who has starred in "Iron Man" and "The Butler," may be interested to learn that the actor has made claims that he is unable to pay the amount of spousal support that he owes to his current ex-wife. According to the report, he claimed that he was only making about $6,000 a month, which was not enough to be able to pay the $325,000 that he owes.

What to do with the marital home before and after divorce

State law determines how couples are supposed to handle property division in a divorce. Since Texas is a community property state, a house and other assets acquired during the marriage are generally, in the absence of an agreement between the parties, split equally by the court during the property division determination. Selling the house and taking half the proceeds would be the simplest solution, but usually one person wants to continue living there. In that situation, both parties need to take steps to protect themselves financially. Getting a divorce does not automatically change the status of jointly owned property in the eyes of creditors.

Child support case serves to caution others

A Texas man has found himself caught in a complicated child support case that is now forcing him to serve jail time for contempt. The order comes because his child support payments were allegedly never received by the court for the wife to collect. The child is currently in the mother's custody.