Child support case serves to caution others

A Texas man has found himself caught in a complicated child support case that is now forcing him to serve jail time for contempt. The order comes because his child support payments were allegedly never received by the court for the wife to collect. The child is currently in the mother's custody.

It was alleged that the man violated the visitation schedule and kept the mother from seeing her longer than specified or allowed. The man appealed to the support claims, stating that a clerical error prevented the child support money from being available. According to the man, his wages were being garnished for the child support, but the company failed to provide that money to the court.

The man's appeal was unsuccessful, and he now faces six months of jail time. He reports that he simply wants to get through the situation and continue on with his life. He also expressed that his primary concern was the fact that he has lost his job due to the situation and will have no means of supporting his son.

According to the attorneys involved in the case, this should serve as a caution to others who are being ordered to pay child support. The law is clear that it is the responsibility of the spouse to ensure that child support payments are reaching the intended recipient. This may mean following up with the court or recipient to ensure the support is being properly paid.

If child support is being paid through wage garnishment, a spouse should never assume their employer will follow through. Seeking the assistance of an attorney prior to payments may ensure that errors are not made during the process.

Source: KPRC, "Dad begins jail sentence in complicated child support case", Mary Benton, June 24, 2014

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