Modifying a child custody order in Texas

When parents in Texas seek to modify a child support order, they are often motivated by concerns about their child's well being. You may be considering this course of action because a changing situation has impacted the care your child receives, or you may be unhappy about a planned relocation. While modifying a child custody order can be challenging, court-approved parenting plans may be altered if the court feels that the change would be in the child's best interests.

Sometimes efforts to modify child custody arrangements are driven by a potentially hazardous environment, and you may be considering this step if the custodial parent has developed a substance abuse problem or has entered into a relationship with an individual who has issues in this area. You could also be worried about the possibility of your child not being properly cared for due to the custodial parent's financial situation. These applications may also be made when an older child has changed their mind about which parent they wish to live with.

If a custodial parent in Texas wishes to relocate outside the geographic area specified in the custody order, they must first obtain permission from the court. If you are worried that a relocation could prevent you from having reasonable access to your child, our experienced family law attorneys can contest this application. The court could then reject the relocation, or they may place a limit on the distance that the child can be moved.

Our attorneys could also convey how a proposed relocation that denies you visitation could be detrimental to your child. If you are considering taking this path, please visit our page dealing with child custody or visitation order modification for more information.

Source: Webb Family Law Firm, P.C. , "DALLAS CHILD CUSTODY MODIFICATION LAWYER", December 04, 2014

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