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Child support compliance and gender

More than 25 percent of children in America who are under 21 years of age are raised in one-parent households while a non-custodial parent lives in another location. Texas residents may wonder if support payment issues are equally challenging when mothers are the support-owing parties. In 2011, the percentage of fathers being awarded custody grew to more than 18 percent, which means that the issue of mothers potentially owing child support may be on the rise as well. Although there may be a common concern about support payments, statistics indicate that the financial conditions of custodial fathers may be significantly different from those of custodial mothers.

How art is divided in a divorce

When artists go through a divorce in Texas, they might be surprised to learn that they will have to divide their creations. Under state law, paintings, sculptures or other art pieces that were created by one spouse during the marriage are the community property of both spouses. During the property division stage, both parties will have equal rights to these assets.