Majority of public disagrees with child support calculations

Texas residents may be interested to learn that a recent study indicated that in general, the public does not agree with the way that child support is calculated. The results of the study were published on June 1, and people in both the United States and England were included.

The researchers spent more than ten years looking at public opinion regarding the calculation of child support. In most states, the income of the person receiving support is not considered. The only factor in these states is the income of the person paying support. However, those who participated in the study generally felt that the income of the person receiving support should be taken into consideration.

Many of the respondents also felt that if the person receiving support remarried, the income of the new partner should be considered. Courts generally do not take this into account because the stepparent has no legal obligation to be financially responsible for the children. Researchers said that while the study may not immediately affect policy, it might give lawmakers a snapshot of what the public considers to be fair and could lead to changes in the laws.

Parents who are going through a divorce and who will either be paying or receiving child support may wish to consult with an attorney. A number of factors may be taken into account when it comes to calculating child support. For example, if a parent who might be ordered to pay support is currently supporting children from a previous marriage, this might affect the amount that is ordered. Parents who are dealing with delinquent payments or who wish to change what they pay may also want to speak with an attorney.

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