Parenting plans during the school year

As many divorced parents who have school-age children are aware, the requirements of shared parenting duties differ during the school year and holidays. Texas couples who have ended their marriage are advised to evaluate the viability of their custody and visitation agreements and continue to keep track of how well their arrangements meet the needs of their children throughout the school year.

One important litmus test revolves around communication between ex-spouses, as they still need to communicate with each other to raise their children. Due to the need to maintain multiple schedules, parents may find it beneficial to use tools like text messages or specialized divorce applications to unify their activity plans. Some parents keep notebooks that they can share with each other to track of their children's development and schedule.

Visitation plans should both be realistic enough to be sustainable by both parents and reflective of the needs of the individual children in question. Parents are warned against letting their emotional baggage concerning their separation influence them during custody proceedings and to submit all plans to the court system regardless whether both parties are in agreement.

Parenting rights incorporate both physical and legal custody. In addition to determining where children will reside, parents need to decide who will make important decisions on their behalf. While some parents come to agreementsĀ concerning these matters ont their own, parenting plans are not enforceable unless they become part of the divorce order. Those who want to raise their children in split households may find it advisable to have their respective attorneys review their agreement before submitting it for court approval.

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