Planning for post-divorce financial recovery

Texas residents who are contemplating a divorce would do well to plan ahead so that they suffer less financial recovery time after their divorce is final. Being proactive at the outset can help minimize the potentially negative financial impacts the end of a marriage may bring.

Starting early to plan for post-divorce finances is important. Having a plan in place that can provide a good blueprint right after the divorce is final can help to avoid the financial pitfalls many people face upon finding themselves newly single. People should start by figuring out how much money they will need to survive. They should then look at how much money they will have at their disposal after a divorce and then create a budget that will help them to live within their means.

When listing goals, people should think about their future retirement. They may also want to consider whether they can afford their current mortgage or if they need to plan to move elsewhere. Planning for entertainment needs, such as travel, can also be a written goal. Establishing a written plan that will help to reach each goal is important. One way people can help themselves to reach their goal is to set up an automatic-withdrawal savings plan. Investing wisely with a diversified portfolio is a good idea, as is building up an emergency fund to minimize financial risk.

The end of a marriage can be a huge financial setback if people fail to financially plan for the changes that will occur. Those who are going through a divorce may want to have a frank discussion about their finances and their future needs with their family law attorney. It may also be wise to consult with a financial advisor before the divorce is even final. With careful planning, people can make certain they are able to retire on time and that they can meet their financial goals.

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