Sherri Shepherd appeals court's child support ruling

Texas residents who are going through a custody or child support battle involving a surrogate pregnancy may be interested to learn that Sherri Shepherd appealed a court ruling on Jan. 13 that made her legally responsible for a child she had with her ex-husband through a surrogate. Shepherd's marriage reportedly fell apart after the child was conceived but before he was born.

When her marriage did fail, Shepherd reportedly wanted to void the contract so she would not have to pay child support. However, the surrogate was already far along in the pregnancy. After the child was born, Shepherd filed an appeal so that she could remove her name from the child's birth certificate. However, that appeal was denied and she was ordered to pay more than $4,000 per month in child support. That amount would increase to more than $4,500 after the child reaches his 13th birthday.

Shepherd has apparently filed an appeal of the Pennsylvania court ruling. She is still attempting to avoid paying child support to the 1-year-old child.

If one parent is given primary custody over a child, the other parent is usually responsible for paying a certain amount of child support even if they do not want to exercise parental rights or want visitation. The child support helps the parent who is caring for the child pay for housing, transportation, school costs and medical expenses. A family law attorney may walk the parent who is required to pay child support through the process of determining how much will be owed. If the parent cannot afford the child support payments, the attorney may help modify the amount so the parent does not suffer from financial hardship and legal consequences.

Source: Radar Online, "Sherri Shepherd Takes Surrogacy Custody Battle To Superior Court", Jan. 14, 2016

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