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Trust accounts and property division in divorces

Some Texans attempt to shelter their assets from potential divorces by setting up irrevocable trusts. While it is possible to do so, there are some mistakes that people can make that can make the trust reachable by their spouse in a divorce case.

The importance of parenting plans

Custody issues are often among the most difficult and critical decisions faced by Texas parents who are divorcing. Because of the delicate and volatile nature of emotions surrounding the disposition of parenting rights and responsibilities, a parenting plan can be a useful tool for delineating boundaries and making expectations clear.

Protecting finances in a divorce

Texas couples who are facing the end of their marriages often understand the importance of protecting their finances. Divorce can be financially difficult for people, as they are required to divide marital assets, no longer have a shared household and can no longer rely on their spouse's income. While it is possible to recover financially afterwards, doing so is a lot easier when one has received an appropriate settlement.