Musician heads to court for failure to pay child support

When a Texas couple shares a child and is no longer together, child support is an important issue that comes to the forefront. If the support payments are not made on time and in full, there is a chance that enforcement proceedings will be required. This applies to everyone including those who are in the public eye. It is when there is a child support dispute that prominent people will have their cases played out in public. Such is the case with reality show star and musician Stevie J.

Stevie J is alleged to owe $1.1 million in delinquent payments for his two children who are now 18 and 17. According to the child support agreement, he was ordered to pay approximately $8,557 monthly.

e sought to have what is known as 'deferred prosecution." An approval would have avoided trial provided he adhered to the criteria set out by the government. This was rejected and the trial is set for early December. For his part, he asserts that he is a 'great father" to his children and takes care of them financially.In spite of the allegations of failure to pay child support, the children accompanied Stevie J to a concert in May.

While this case is set for trial, child support disputes can go in a number of different directions. Those who are involved in a situation related to child support enforcement such as wage garnishment or a bank account levy may want to have legal assistance in attempting to get back on track. In cases involving an inability to pay, filing a motion for a modification might be in order, but this would only affect future payments.

Source: Hip Hox Dx, "Stevie J Ordered To Trial For $1.1 million In Child Support," William Ketchum III, May 24, 2016

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