The public toll of divorce in Texas

A divorce may become a public affair whether an individual is a movie star like Johnny Depp or an everyday person looking to end his or her marriage. Almost any move that an individual makes with his or her property may be seen as an attempt to reduce a marital estate. For instance, Depp recently decided to auction off a portion of his art collection.

While some say that the auction was planned before the divorce was announced, his former spouse may still be entitled to some of the money from the sale. The same may be true in any divorce when marital property is sold. Divorcees may need to be especially careful if property is sold for below market value. Should property be sold against the orders of a judge, individuals could face a variety of penalties.

However, how much information goes public depends on the individuals getting divorced. In some cases, a couple may decide that it is easier to settle out of court to protect assets or their privacy. A custom settlement may be preferable compared to state laws that may split marital property 50/50. In equitable property states, property may be granted to whoever owned it or earned it during the marriage.

Those who are considering a divorce may want to talk to a family law attorney. A lawyer might be able to review the facts in a case to help an individual obtain a favorable conclusion to their case. Attorneys may be able to help verify that all assets have been disclosed or that a prenuptial agreement an individual signed is valid.

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