When child exchanges become dangerous

Texas parents who have ended their marriage may not enjoy the actual exchange of physical custody, especially if they are still harboring resentments. While thousands of child exchanges occur every single day, the environment can easily become emotionally charged and result in serious consequences for both the parents and the child.

There are numerous examples of child exchanges going wrong. A 49-year-old Denton man, for example, was fatally shot by the boyfriend of his ex-wife during a swap. Another Texas man, aged 20, was shot and killed after he had arranged for a friend to shoot him so that he could win custody of his child. A Denver man also attempted to win custody of his child by putting a knife in the child's backpack with the intent to blame it on the mother. Instead, he was issued multiple charges, including child abuse.

Even when parents are not able to come to an agreement, it is important that they do their best to manage their disputes If they resort to fighting during the child exchange, it could have a physical or emotional effect on the children. If violence occurs, one or both parents may actually lose their custody rights.

When parents are working towards a child custody agreement and a parenting plan, emotions can run high especially if both parents want primary custody. A family law attorney may assist with drafting a plan that allows a parent to maintain their relationship with their children while creating a stable foundation for the kids. If a parent does not have primary custody, the attorney may negotiate with the other party so that the parent still has the kids for certain holidays and can continue to be involved in the children's everyday lives.

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