Tips for a child custody hearing

Texas parents who are going through a divorce will likely need to determine issues related to custody and visitation. It is best if they can negotiate a legally binding agreement between themselves with the assistance of their respective attorneys. However, if they are unable to do so, the custody battle may go to court where the judge will use the standard of the child's best interests to make a decision. There are things people may be able to do to present themselves as the best parent in this situation.

Although it seems superficial, parents should take care with their appearance for the custody hearing. They should also be polite and observe court etiquette. Parents who have documentation that can support their claim that they are the best choice for custody should bring it to the hearing. A judge will also take into account a parent's willingness to cooperate with the other parent.

Whatever decision the judge makes, it is likely that the parent who is not granted custody will be given ample visitation time. It is important for parents to maintain a relationship with their children, and the noncustodial parent should try to set aside their animosity and work toward a functional cparenting relationship. Creating a parenting agreement may help with this.

Parents may need to work out agreements about how dropoffs and pickups of children will occur as well as other issues that can be covered in the parenting agreement. For example, parents may want to make an agreement about when children can meet their new partners. A parenting agreement might also cover who will be responsible for taking the children to certain extracurricular activities, arrangements for vacations, and even preferences about the child's bedtime and other issues.

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