Mistakes parents can make during custody disputes

When Texas parents are attempting to resolve a child custody dispute, emotions can get in the way. In some cases, they can even cause them who have not been able to amicably come to a resolution make mistakes. These mistakes do have the potential to have an impact on how a court will resolve a custody dispute.

Divorced arents should avoid making the custody dispute about how the other parent failed them. While their substandard ability to be a helpful partner during the marriage could potentially be an indication of their ability to parent the children on their own, this is not always the case. Further, the judge may view the parent in a negative light if they believe that the parent will be unable to or unwilling to collaborate with their ex if they are given joint custody.

Parents should also avoid letting their emotions drive the direction of the dispute. Despite how one parent feels about the other, the judge could come to another conclusion. In most cases, it is recommended that a family law attorney assist with coming up with a game plan for court. This allows the case to stay on track and could prevent the parent from saying or doing something that could result in the other parent getting primary or even full custody of the children.

Because Texas child custody disputes can be complex, it is important to have a family law attorney work with a parent who is seeking custody of their children. If the parent has evidence that their ex cannot or should not have custody of their children due to a history of abuse or addiction, the attorney may assist with providing the court with evidence and demonstrate that giving the ex custody would not be in the children's best interests.

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