Who should pay for the back-to-school costs?

When parents in Texas are going through divorces, they may overlook some potential issues concerning who will be responsible for paying for their children's back-to-school supplies, clothing and other related expenses. The financial responsibility of paying for these items may depend on the parenting and custody arrangements that the parents have.

Buying all of the items for going back to school can be expensive, and the costs may lead to disputes between the parents. Generally, if one parent has primary custody and the other pays child support, the custodial parent should be responsible for paying for these costs. Child support should include enough money to pay for the ordinary costs of raising the children, including the back-to-school items.

Shared parenting, in which the children spend equal amounts of time with both parents, has become more common. In this type of custody arrangement, both parents should be responsible for paying a portion of the back-to-school expenses rather than one shouldering all of the burdens. Parents might meet and discuss the expenses in order to work out an agreement. In order to prevent disputes in the future, writing detailed parenting plans may prevent small disputes from turning into major arguments.

When parents are divorcing, crafting detailed parenting plans is vital. A parent who wants to get divorced might benefit by seeking help from a lawyer. An attorney may help the client set aside the emotional conflict so that they can focus on what is in the child's best interests. Parents who divorce should remember that they will need to work together for the benefit of their children for years after their divorces are finalized.

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