Child support and uninsured medical expenses

When parents in Texas divorce, both are usually committed to providing their child or children with necessary financial support. To this end, divorce decrees often address the obligations of both parents with regards to child support payments, health insurance coverage and which parent is responsible for extraordinary expenses.

One type of extraordinary expense that is addressed in state law and divorce agreements is uninsured medical expenses. When health insurance plans don't cover a child's treatment, it is up to the parents to pay it. In situations where the parents are divorced, it isn't always clear who has the responsibility for the medical bill.

While most parents are able to come to an agreement regarding bill payment, there are situations in which conflict may arise. In some cases, this is due to a misunderstanding regarding an existing child support order. In other cases, there may be a dispute over whether the medical treatment was necessary or over the medical professional chosen by the parent who obtained the treatment on behalf of the child.

Because meeting the financial needs of a child is a serious matter, it is sometimes necessary for parents to seek help in resolving medical bill payment issues. Mediators can sometimes help, as can working with legal professionals or even going to court. Parents who have concerns about the payment of uninsured medical expenses may benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney. Counsel can review any existing child support agreements and make recommendations regarding negotiations or even pursuing a modification that clarifies parental responsibility for extraordinary expenses.

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