Selling the family home when marriage ends in Texas

Going through a divorce can be stressful and confusing. Dividing family assets, including having to sell the family home, often makes the process even more complicated. However, selling the family home will be a much more profitable ordeal if both spouses can agree on their sales goals and work together.

To get the best results when selling the family home, the spouses should sit with an agent to design a sales plan that they both agree to. Furthermore, they should keep this plan in mind if tensions grow. It's important to remember that the end goal is the highest profit possible, which can then serve as part of the divided property.

The spouses should also agree on how they will prepare the home for sale. This includes deciding what items they will fix and which they will offer as-is. Small issues, such as missing cabinet hardware or paint scuffs on the wall should be fixed since these can turn off many potential buyers. However, if any major construction or HVAC problems need to be fixed, and the sellers are not planning on taking care of them, the seller statement should clearly document everything. Other concerns couples should discuss before selling a home include the budgeting for housecleaning and which spouse will be the point person for the agent.

A spouse who is about to start the divorce process might also seek guidance from a lawyer. An attorney can explain the state laws and help the client through the experience. With proper planning, a divorcing spouse could protect more assets.

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