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Cheating generally won't influence child support payments

If a marriage ends because of infidelity, it's unlikely that the at-fault parent will be "punished" by having to pay more child support. In Texas and other states, child support amounts are determined largely by how much money a parent makes and how many children need to be supported. However, there are situations in which a court may impute income to a parent who is being supported by another person.

Divorce mediation can help to preserve privacy

Divorce is always a legal process that dissolves a marital relationship. However, some Texas couples may wish to avoid the expense and complications associated with extensive litigation. For these divorcing couples, divorce mediation can be an alternative to traditional litigation. It makes use of a third-party mediator, along with the lawyers of both spouses, to sort out key issues and arrive at a mutually acceptable and beneficial agreement. For divorces that involve child custody, mediation can often be court-ordered.