How to prepare for being a custodial parent

There are many benefits to being a custodial parent in Texas or any other state. For example, this parent is generally involved in helping the kids with homework, providing advice and helping them to pursue their passions. A custodial parent will likely be more involved in some or all aspects of a child's life, even if the other parent does have visitation or other rights to that child.

Generally speaking, the person who the child spends the most time with is considered to be the custodial parent. However, time spent with a son or daughter doesn't automatically allow a parent to assume this role. Instead, parents must actually have to file for custody in a family court. An attorney may be able to provide assistance to a parent who isn't sure where they stand in terms of their legal relationship with a son or daughter.

Custodial parents are allowed to seek and collect child support from the child's other parent. This is generally determined by how much a parent makes and other state guidelines. Just like a parent may have to file for custody of a child to become the custodial parent, they may also have to file for child support to receive financial assistance.

Parents who wish to seek custody of their children could get valuable guidance from an attorney. Legal counsel might develop a strategy that involves asserting that the parent has a stable job or otherwise is best suited to provide for the child. If a parent is unable to win custody, they may still be entitled to visitation or other rights. These could include contact with the child by phone or email.

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