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How to be a good parent after a divorce

Parents in Texas may be able to dissolve their marriage, but they are not able to put an end to the relationship that they have with their kids. This means working together with the child's other parent to raise a son or daughter. To increase the odds of being an effective parent after a divorce, it is important to focus on the child's best interest.

How to resolve financial issues in a relationship

Texas parents who are planning to get married should have a conversation about finances as soon as possible. Doing so could make it easier to determine who will work and who will stay at home with the kids. It may also be a good time to discuss whether a parent will transition out of the workforce or back into the workforce in the future.

How to plan a parenting schedule

Following a divorce, it can be difficult for Texas parents to negotiate a parenting schedule with their former spouses. However, it's an important process that helps children adjust to their new living arrangements. Experts say that it also demonstrates the willingness of both parents to put their children first.