How to plan a parenting schedule

Following a divorce, it can be difficult for Texas parents to negotiate a parenting schedule with their former spouses. However, it's an important process that helps children adjust to their new living arrangements. Experts say that it also demonstrates the willingness of both parents to put their children first.

In order to create a good parenting schedule, there are several factors parents should keep in mind. For instance, parents should try to put themselves in their children's shoes when considering options. Kids will have to adjust to more travel than they're accustomed to and get used to splitting time between two households, so parents must try to anticipate the impact these changes will have on them. Parents should also keep in mind their kids' school and activity schedules when creating a visitation calendar. They also must address any special needs a child may have. If the children are older, their wishes can be also considered when creating the plan.

Parents should avoid certain behaviors when creating a parenting scheduling. For example, parents are discouraged from making scheduling decisions based purely on convenience. The best interests of the children must always be the top priority. Parents should also avoid comparing sacrifices and never use the schedule to try to get back at each other. These actions only harm the kids.

Some parents are able to work out a parenting schedule on their own. However, it may be beneficial to seek the help of an attorney before working out an arrangement. An attorney may be able to review the situation and negotiate a visitation schedule that is in the best interests of the children. If the plan needs to be modified in the future, the attorney might petition the court to make the changes.

Source: Very Well Family, "Create a Parenting Schedule That Works for Your Family," Jennifer Wolf, April 8, 2018

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