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Understanding the types of child support cases

There are a number of different types of child support cases that may apply to Texas parent. When exes are newly involved with the system, they may not be sure exactly how these cases are defined or why they are different. For example, some families manage child support payments directly between the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent while others pay child support through a state agency. There are a few types of cases, including IV-D, IV-A, IV-E and non-IV-D child support matters.

How might the concealing of assets affect your divorce?

You and your spouse have significant assets that you acquired during your marriage. Since Texas is a community property state, you know that your marital property will be divided when the judge finalizes your divorce. This may be reassuring, as you realize that becoming single can affect your financial quality of life, but you also worry that your spouse is the type to hide assets, so a portion wouldn’t become yours after the divorce.