Co-parenting when the school year begins can be challenging

Divorced parents in Texas and around the country generally try their best to put their differences aside when the welfare of their children is at stake, which is why family law judges tend to order co-parenting arrangements whenever possible. Psychologists have found that the children of divorce fare best when they spend time with both their fathers and their mothers, and this is especially true during the start of a new school year.

Children who are about to start attending a new school are often apprehensive. Parents may recall feeling the same way themselves, and they can help their children to overcome their anxieties by explaining how their own fears turned out to be unfounded. The computers and other supplies that must be purchased before the start of a new school year can strain the budgets of divorced parents, but arguments over money should be avoided when children are feeling vulnerable.

Divorced parents may also remember the excuses they gave for not completing their homework assignments on time, and they should bear them in mind when discussing how to ensure that their children remain on track academically. Discipline should be consistent as co-parenting arrangements may become irreparably strained when one parent is viewed as a harsh taskmaster while the other is seen as lenient and easygoing.

Experienced family law attorneys may discuss the challenges of co-parenting with their clients before discussions over child custody and visitation begin. They may also seek to cover these issues early in divorce negotiations to establish common ground and build a foundation of empathy in hopes of reaching an amicable settlement and avoiding prolonged court battles.

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