Responsibilities custodial parents may have

A custodial parent is generally the parent the child lives with most of the time. Custodial parents in Texas should keep a few points in mind when dealing with the other parent.

One of those things is sticking to the agreed-upon custody schedule or letting the other parent known in advance about any changes. Usually, when one parent has custody, the other parent has visitation rights. The parents may have created a schedule that outlines when the child is with each parent, or a court may have done so.

Parents who pay and receive child support should keep track of the payments. This tracking may come up in court if there is a dispute about payments. If the parents have joint legal custody, the custodial parent should discuss all important decisions regarding the child with the other parent. Some of this may be covered in the parenting plan. The court's standard for making decisions regarding children is whatever is in the best interests of the child, and parents are expected to follow this as well.

If the custodial parent is moving, this could lead to a change in the custody agreement. Parents should inform one another when they are taking the child on vacation. The noncustodial parent should be informed before making any major purchases for which that parent will be partially responsible.

Parents can create a plan that deals with more than just visitation. It might address issues such as which parent is responsible for which of the children's extracurricular activities, when the child will meet parents' new partners or even when the child's bedtime should be. It can be helpful to the child's adjustment after the divorce if parents strive to make rules somewhat consistent between households although they may not agree on every point of co-parenting.

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