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Options for handling the marital residence upon divorce

One of the most valuable assets in a Texas marital estate may be the home. During the pendency of the divorce, spouses must decide what to do with their home and other assets. Unfortunately, making these decisions may be a source of frustration and contention.

Important documents in child custody disputes

Spouses in Texas may want to file for divorce if they are unable to get along. If spouses cannot agree on child-related issues such as custody and visitation, a contested court hearing may be necessary. Presenting documents as evidence may be persuasive to a judge.

Why you should not share a family business in a divorce

With many resources and assistance available, starting a business in this country has gotten easier. Recent studies share that family-owned operations make up about 19 percent of small businesses in the United States. Many of these organizations began as passionate collaborations between husband and wife. In the unfortunate event that the marriage falls apart, what happens to the business?