Separate property in Texas divorce proceedings

When considering divorce, you have some important questions.

What happens to the assets you and your spouse collected while married? What about the property you owned prior to the wedding? Texas is a community property state, so while the money and property you accumulated during the marriage , not everything goes into the pot. Find out the differences.

Marital property guidelines for divorce

Getting your paperwork together before visiting with an attorney will help. You should bring a copy of any and all assets, including bank accounts, cars, property and the like that you and your spouse purchased together. Even those assets, such as your current 401(k), that are only in your name, but you started or bought after marriage need including.

Separate property defined

Along with an accounting of all the property, you should also have records and documentation for anything you owned before you got married. These may include the following:

  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Property, vacant or improved
  • Stocks and bonds

. However, the court will want a tally of what everything is worth as a judge may weigh that value against any request for spousal support or property.

Inheritance before or during the marriage

When a loved one dies, he or she may have left you something as part of a will or estate. inheritance , even if you got it while married

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