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Regaining rights to a son or daughter

Parents in Texas who have lost custody of their children may not understand why this happened to them. However, they should understand that they may still be allowed to have visitation or other rights to their children. If they want to get custody back, it is important to understand why it was taken away and comply with any court order to help rectify the situation.

Co-parenting when the school year begins can be challenging

Divorced parents in Texas and around the country generally try their best to put their differences aside when the welfare of their children is at stake, which is why family law judges tend to order co-parenting arrangements whenever possible. Psychologists have found that the children of divorce fare best when they spend time with both their fathers and their mothers, and this is especially true during the start of a new school year.

How to be a good parent after a divorce

Parents in Texas may be able to dissolve their marriage, but they are not able to put an end to the relationship that they have with their kids. This means working together with the child's other parent to raise a son or daughter. To increase the odds of being an effective parent after a divorce, it is important to focus on the child's best interest.

How to plan a parenting schedule

Following a divorce, it can be difficult for Texas parents to negotiate a parenting schedule with their former spouses. However, it's an important process that helps children adjust to their new living arrangements. Experts say that it also demonstrates the willingness of both parents to put their children first.

How to prepare for being a custodial parent

There are many benefits to being a custodial parent in Texas or any other state. For example, this parent is generally involved in helping the kids with homework, providing advice and helping them to pursue their passions. A custodial parent will likely be more involved in some or all aspects of a child's life, even if the other parent does have visitation or other rights to that child.

The different aspects of child custody

When Texas parents get divorced, there may be a question as to who gets custody of the children. In some cases, there may also be a question as to what type of custody a parent has. In a child custody matter, a parent may receive either physical or legal custody. Physical custody means that the child primarily lives with that parent.

Domestic violence and co-parenting relationships post-divorce

In Texas, some marriages have been marked by domestic violence. When these types of marriages end, there may be problems with co-parenting when the former couples share children. Researchers have examined co-parenting in the year following the end of abusive marriages and found a difference that depended on the types of relationships.

Providing consistent household rules after a divorce

Texas parents who are getting a divorce may need to decide on a consistent set of household rules if their children will be moving between their homes, but this can be challenging. However, it is important for children to have this stability in their lives. Parents may want to decide ahead of time whether there are certain issues, such as bedtimes or video games, that they will not budge on and other issues they can be more flexible about. This may help them work toward compromises.