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International abductions and child custody disputes

Many Texas parents who have gone through a divorce know how contentious child custody issues can often be. Unfortunately, some non-custodial parents around the country have taken matters to an extreme by taking a child with them to another country in violation of a court order. The U.S. State Department estimates that at least 8,000 such instances occurred between 2008 and 2013.

Children in Swedish study fare better with joint custody

Texas parents who are divorcing might be considering having the children spend most of their time with one parent, but a study out of Sweden suggests that this might not be the best arrangement. Although the director of the National Parents Organization estimates that fewer than 20 percent of children of divorced parents are in joint custody situations in the U.S., around 40 percent of children in Sweden split their time equally between both parents.

Retirement review and planning after divorce

Going through a divorce in Texas is likely to alter the life of an individual in many ways that are not immediately obvious. Retirement planning and saving, for example, may be disrupted by the process. Those who are approaching or going through a divorce should consider post-divorce budgeting, review retirement assets and benefits and develop a financial strategy for the future.

The role of virtual visitation

Texas parents may have heard of something known as virtual visitation. Because this form of visitation has become very popular in the state with increased use of the Internet and smartphone technology, it is provided for in many custody agreements.

Texas high-asset divorce process

In Texas, high-asset divorces cases follow the same court process as do other divorces, but they may be more hotly contested. As Texas is a community property state, the marital assets, that is, the assets that have accumulated during the marriage, are to be divided equally between the spouses during the property division.

Co-parenting plans could help avoid future custody disputes

In Texas, divorced couples have two primary ways to deal with the raising of their children. First is the legal order, which is issued by the court. This binding agreement takes precedence over any other arrangements between parents and their children. Nevertheless, there is a realization that what may seem reasonable in the courtroom may not be easy to implement in day-to-day life.

Visitation and custody rights for grandparents

When it comes to divorcing parents who reside in Texas, the state's laws make accommodations for grandparents who wish to obtain visitation or custody rights of their grandchildren. Although the rights of grandparents generally cannot trump the fundamental rights of the child's legal parents, the laws give them limited privileges under certain circumstances.

What is a standard possession order?

Many Texas couples pursuing a divorce encounter difficulties while trying to come to an agreement on issues pertaining to their children, such as child custody or visitation schedules. When this occurs, the state has a tool, developed by the Texas Legislature, to schedule visitation periods and outline a parenting plan. It is called a Standard Possession Order.

Texas judge denies divorce petition from same-sex couple

A Texas judge has denied a divorce petition from two women who married legally four years ago in New Hampshire. Texas lawmakers have banned gay marriage in the state, and the Tarrant County judge told the women that the court did not have jurisdiction required to consider a divorce petition from a couple in a same-sex marriage.

Terrence Howard seeks to throw out spousal support agreement

Texas fans of Terrance Howard, who has starred in "Iron Man" and "The Butler," may be interested to learn that the actor has made claims that he is unable to pay the amount of spousal support that he owes to his current ex-wife. According to the report, he claimed that he was only making about $6,000 a month, which was not enough to be able to pay the $325,000 that he owes.