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The role of virtual visitation

Texas parents may have heard of something known as virtual visitation. Because this form of visitation has become very popular in the state with increased use of the Internet and smartphone technology, it is provided for in many custody agreements.

Visitation and custody rights for grandparents

When it comes to divorcing parents who reside in Texas, the state's laws make accommodations for grandparents who wish to obtain visitation or custody rights of their grandchildren. Although the rights of grandparents generally cannot trump the fundamental rights of the child's legal parents, the laws give them limited privileges under certain circumstances.

What is a standard possession order?

Many Texas couples pursuing a divorce encounter difficulties while trying to come to an agreement on issues pertaining to their children, such as child custody or visitation schedules. When this occurs, the state has a tool, developed by the Texas Legislature, to schedule visitation periods and outline a parenting plan. It is called a Standard Possession Order.

Psych study finds custody bias against gay, lesbian, parents

Society has been moving swiftly toward general acceptance of same-sex relationships as a matter of reality. And in the past few years, state laws have begun to be modified to reflect that. At last count 17 states and the nation's capitol city have made gay marriage legal. Texas has yet to turn the corner but, as was noted in this blog recently, there are some who believe it is just a matter of time.