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At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., we understand that property division can be extremely contentious, especially when complex assets are involved. We work hard to get clients the property settlement they want. While we cannot promise that you will walk away with everything, we do have a record of obtaining better-than-average settlements. When appropriate, we work with accountants, appraisers and investigators to identify and value assets. We also have experience with cases involving marital fraud and hidden assets.

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Community Property Division

Marital estates are divided according to Texas community property law. This law presumes that all marital property is community property unless it is designated as separate property in a pre- or postmarital agreement, it was a gift or inheritance, or it was separately owned prior to the marriage. Or, if you can prove that an asset belongs to you by tracing its ownership from the date of acquisition, it cannot be awarded to your spouse.

Assets in the marital estate may include:

Property division also includes dividing the marital debts such as mortgages, auto loans, taxes, credit cards and any judgments against both parties. This issue can have a significant effect on your future finances. We will review your finances to determine which debts are community property and which are separate.

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