Property division in Texas is based on the principle that unless specifically designated as separate, marital property is community property. When the couple owns complex assets, property division takes more legal work as well as help from financial experts.

At The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., our Dallas complex marital property division attorneys have the experience and skill to protect your interests during property division in divorce. If you are a business owner, another professional or high net worth individual, you can rely on our firm’s resources to accurately value your marital assets.

We Protect The Assets You Have Worked For

The division of community property includes financial assets, real and personal property, and debts and liabilities. We work with experts in accounting, business valuation, appraisals and other fields to ensure all assets are properly valued and named as marital or separate property.

We can assist you with the division of complex assets such as:

  • Homes and real property in the U.S. and abroad
  • Commercial real estate holdings
  • Businesses and professional practices
  • Agriculture and livestock
  • Farm and ranch property
  • Stock options
  • Retirement benefits
  • Offshore assets
  • Oil, gas and mineral rights
  • Jewelry, antiques and art
  • High-end furnishings
  • Expensive vehicles

When dividing complex assets, we will help you consider the long-term implications of dividing or retaining each asset. In some cases, we may recommend balancing asset division with spousal support or contractual alimony to maximize your future financial well-being.

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