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Child support obligations are often among the leading issues of concern for parents in Texas. The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., has extensive experience in this area.

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When divorcing couples have children involved in the marriage, child support obligations are often among the leading issues of concern. Texas family law courts use a formula of the income and expenses of both parties when calculating the amount of child support to be awarded to the parent awarded primary conservatorship (custody) of the children. However, various factors may be applied to determine what counts as income and expenses. In addition, voluntary child support may be added to the final award to meet certain expenses such as education or health care needs.

If you have questions about Texas child support obligations, talk to an attorney at The Webb Family Law Firm, P.C., in Dallas. Under the leadership of Texas family law specialist, Natalie Webb, we are a team of professional, smart, understanding, compassionate attorneys and staff. We will answer your questions forthrightly and tell you what to expect from the judge in your jurisdiction.

Child Support Is For The Children — It Is Not A Form Of Alimony

Parties on both sides of the issue often confuse child support with spousal maintenance or alimony. Whether you are seeking child support from your ex-spouse, or are protecting yourself from paying more than your obligation, we will give you straight answers about what to expect. It may not be exactly what you hope to hear, but there will be no delusions, just clear expectations.

Child Support Enforcement

Child support is a court judgment. Failure to pay child support in a timely manner may be considered contempt of court. If you are having difficulty receiving child support payments from the noncustodial parent, you have the right to pursue legal collections actions. We can work with the officials in your county to help you recover the payments you are entitled to receive to support your children.

Child Support Cannot Be Tied To Your Visitation Rights

If you fall behind in your child support obligations, you do not lose your parenting rights. If the custodial parent of your child has denied you time with your children because of late support payments, we can help you enforce your rights.


The courts understand that financial circumstances change in people’s lives. You are entitled to seek a modification of your original child support obligation if you can demonstrate a significant change in circumstances such as the loss of a job or health problems resulting in high medical bills.

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