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A Divorce Later In Life Can Ruin The Best-Laid Retirement Plans

Given that the current divorce rate for first-time marriages hovers at around 50 percent, the outlook is good that we know someone who is divorced or who is thinking about it. Learn More.

A QDRO Can Help You Prevent Financial Loss

For divorcing husbands and wives in Texas, concerns about the financial losses they may face when ending a marriage can be realLearn More

Can Child Custody Orders Be Modified in Texas?

The court will not modify the custody order unless the changes reflect the best interests of the child. In determining whether the proposed order meets this standard, courts consider many factors. Learn More

Common Questions About Child Support Payments and the Law

Even a simple mistake or misunderstanding of your obligations can result in serious legal consequences, including the possibility of fines and even incarceration in some cases. Learn More

Grandparent Visitation Rights in Texas

A court may decide to allow visitation only if it is in the child’s best interests. This may be because one of the parents abused or neglected the child, or that the child has actually lived with the grandparents for a certain time period. Learn More

How Do Collaboration and Mediation Work in Family Law?

Couples who are willing and able to cooperate and negotiate with each other in good faith may learn effective ways to communicate and compromise, which may be especially beneficial when co-parenting children. Learn More

How in the World Can I Co-Parent with My Ex?

Co-parenting naturally requires a level of communication between parents for the good of their children. Psychology Today notes that there are many channels via which parents may communciated regarding their kids.  Learn More

How Should Texas Couples Sell Their Home After Divorce?

Divorcing couples should be sure to find a realtor who has experience working with sellers currently going through a divorce or are already divorced. Learn More

New Tax Issues in Future Texas Alimony Awards

The recent federal tax overhaul made the news for many reasons, but perhaps one discussed less often in the media is a major change to the way alimony payments will be treated, beginning with alimony paid pursuant to alimony agreements and divorces entered into after December 31, 2018. Learn More

Non-Adversarial Ways to End Your Texas Marriage?

Not all divorces are created equal; that is why there are several different ways to handle them, some of which do not have the same adversarial nature as traditional divorce litigation. Learn More

Prenuptial Agreements Can Help Establish a Strong Partnership

Just as prudent business partners will set forth their agreements in a written contract before embarking on a joint business venture, it is wise for engaged couples in Texas to discuss the terms of their marital partnership in advance by creating a prenuptial agreement. Learn More

Property Division in Texas Divorces

A couple’s marital property estate usually consists of separate and community property. Community property consists of the property, other than separate property, acquired by either spouse during marriage. Learn More

Valuation of Business and Assets Critical During a Divorce

One of the most difficult assets to properly value during a divorce may be a small, closely held, or family business. This can include all manner of companies and professional practices or any ownership interest held in one. Learn More

Watching Out For Hidden Assets in a High-Asset Divorce

Hiding assets from a court during a divorce may be considered fraud, yet many people continue to run the risk of running afoul of the law in the hope of getting a more favorable divorce settlement. Learn More

What Divorcing Texans Should Know About Dividing Retirement Assets

In 2014, a survey of over 500 divorced adults found that 31 percent didn’t know they might be entitled to the retirement benefits of their spouses. According to Forbes, one in four of the survey respondents expressed regret about failing to know how to properly divide these assets. Learn More

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